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By Phillips J.

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Among thern one or two rnay be chosen which fairly match our English examples. n, of Lias Belemnites are occasionally seenin foreign museums beariug the namesof B. breu,irostris,D,Orb. (also calledB' curtuson plate x, figs. l-6, of this author's "Ierr. Jurassiqles,'AnclB. rostriforntis (Qu'), which come near to our specimens. 1, slrort, compressedBelemnite,with acro-lateral grooves,anclis rankecl u,noog theBelentnites trQtartiti by Quensteclt. r i-. necessar)-foi. tlris not common fossil, for which the only synonym I can suggest is 3l.

Eston l{ab, Yorkshire,in ironstoneof the Middle Lias (Pltillips). Glastonbury,in I'Iiddle Lias (Plti,lli,ps). summit, more or less prontinent terminatedby n snbmucronate Ven. -1. Guarc'L from the ventral half of the substance,and more or less inflectedtowardsthe back" traceable(Pl. IV, fig" 10 n, L0 c, 101). Lateralfurrolvsnearthe back al'ways Greatestlengthobserved , 2'5 inches; greatestdiameter,0'6 inch. LongitLrdinalsectionsshowthe axis to be excentric,arched,and much nearerto the least so towardsthe apex of ventralside,remarkablyso at the apexof the phragmocone, substance sothat the sparr"rsectionsshowthe sidesto be flattened, the guarcl.

B. With Iurrowsat the apex. BB. Alveoluscentral. BBB. Alveolusexcentric. Crxer,rcur,Arl. Lanceolate, with ventraldepression, but no lateralgrooves. Oolite. A. Srnooth. AA. Alveolusexcentric. AAA. Alveoluscentral. B. Unisulcate. BB. Alveoluscentral. BBB. Alveolusexcentric, C. Bicanaliculate. I ProfessorE. Suesshas lately given figuresand descriptions 'Proceedings of the Acanthoteuthidre, of the ImperialAcademy,' Vienna,186i. i) BRITISH BELEMNITES. 30 and Oolite. rt. Fnsiform,with lateralgroovesor canals.

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