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From the Preface: "This publication used to be written for the lively reader. the 1st half involves difficulties, often preceded by means of definitions and motivation, and infrequently by way of corollaries and historic remarks... the second one half, a really brief one, comprises hints... The 3rd half, the longest, contains options: proofs, solutions, or contructions, looking on the character of the problem....

This isn't an creation to Hilbert area conception. a few wisdom of that topic is a prerequisite: not less than, a examine of the weather of Hilbert house thought should still continue simultaneously with the studying of this book."

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15) U(n) Proof. 4), and the complex structuzoe is defined by the I I z U(n) be a po- x + I* r-T x , one has Sp(n,IR) n 0(2n) • is a maximal compact Lie subgroup of Sp(n,IR). Everything follows straightforwardly from definitions. assertion is a consequence of the fact that subgroup of GR. d. Furthermore, let us consider again the symplectic space (S,w), and a positive compatible complex structure Lagrangian subspace of s. 12) 46 (e 1 ) that for any g-orthonorma l basis A reaZ or aompZez unitary basis of 5 suah that its e 1 (i = l, ...

Then, 34 }\ we may take adapted symplectic bases whose parts in each other by ~. d. 3 'A is isotropic. A subspace isotropic is caZZed a A c (S,w) subspace A correspond to as the symplectic isomorphism which sends ~ the first basis onto the second one. 9. ,~ which is both isotropic and co- L c (S,w) ~ is said to be coisotropic subspace. 9 introduce the most important types of subspaces, and we shall indicate some more properties of these subspaces. 3) that iff A c 'A, hence iff A= 'A. A is coisotropic iff 5 A c A, and A is Lagrangian On the other haad, A is symplectic iff k ~ 1A {o}.

On the other hand, the symplectic structure has im- portant applications in other fields as well, since it gives a framework for general variational calculus [37), of our work. But all this is beyond the limits CHAPTER 2 SYMPLECTIC VECTOR SPACES This is a chapter of linear algebra and linear symplectic geoWe discuss the structure of the symplectic vector spaces, symplec- metry. tic transformations, and linear subspaces. If the base field is lR, we introduce and discuss the compatible complex structures of the symplectic vector space.

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