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By O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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This reassessment of the Carabidae after Jacobson's (1905-1916) paintings lists over 3000 said species and two hundred genera of this huge beetle family members populating the previous USSR. Distibutional info between 26 basic physiographic areas and a a number of of subregions can also be given.

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MANDL 1955 var. ) SCHULZ 1900 var. ) FALDERMANN 1835 var. ) LAMY 1973 var. ) DALLA TORRE 1877 var. ) DALLA TORRE 1877 ssp. ) BREUNING 1933 ----E--------------------ssp. ) KRAATZ 1878 ------G------------------- Gabc1: only N macroslope of Caucasus Major ssp. ) GÉHIN 1885 ab. ) LAPOUGE 1924 ssp. ) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro luctuosus LAPOUGE 1924] ssp. ) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro sachalinenesis MATSUMURA 1911] corticalis (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 ------GH------------------ Gc1Hc = daghestanicus (Carabus) LAPOUGE 1924 = ponticus (Carabus) LAPOUGE 1924 = ponti (Carabus) CSIKI 1927 [nom.

R. = sewertzowi (Callisthenes) BALLION 1870 = wernojensis (Callisthenes) LAPOUGE 1924 = ballioni (Callisthenes) SOLSKY 1874 var. ) SEMENOV 1928 Charyn Riv. R. kuschakewitschi (Callisthenes) BALLION 1870 ---------------P-R-------- Re ssp. ) BALLION 1870 -----------------R-------- Re; loc. : Chimkent ssp. ) SEMENOV 1928 ---------------P---------- W Aral reg. ssp. ) SOLSKY 1874 ssp. R. ) MANDL 1954) Syn. 147 karelini (Callisthenes) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1846 -----------------R-------= ( cyaneosternum (Callisthenes) MANDL 1954) = ( breuningi (Callisthenes) MANDL 1954) ssp.

I. M. V. G. Shilenkov 12 reitteri (Calosoma) ROESCHKE 1897 = laeviusculum (Calosoma) REITTER 1896 ---D-----------PQRS------- Dd: Lake Baskunchak Subgenus Charmosta MOTSCHULSKY 1865 13 14 Type species: Calosoma investigator ILLIGER 1798 ( investigator (Calosoma) ILLIGER 1798) -BCD------KLMNO--R-TUVW-YZ = dauricum (Calosoma) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = rugulosa (Calosoma) MOTSCHULSKY 1859 = sibiricum (Calosoma) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = sericeum (Calosoma) STURM 1815 = russicum (Calosoma) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1828 = leptophyum (Calosoma) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1828 = granulosum (Calosoma) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = caspium (Calosoma) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1828 lugens (Calosoma) CHAUDOIR 1869 ------------------------Y= irregularis (Calosoma) REITTER 1902 Genus Callisthenes FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1821 Type species: Calosoma panderi FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1822 Subgenus Callisthenes FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1821 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Type species: Calosoma panderi FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1822 breviusculus (Callisthenes) MANNERHEIM 1830 -------HI----------------- HbIab m.

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A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and ajancent lands (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) by O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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