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Bxf3 Bxh6, etc similar to what happened in the game, but the resulting endgame was extremely unpleasant for Black. So I reasoned it makes sense to remove the a-pawns from the board. Their absence is useful to me in any endgame. bxa4, but it is likely that Black holds. h3 my position significantly improved and I got the chance to exchange most of the pieces. Nxd6 Draw agreed. The shortest game of the day was Bareev – Dreev. Their encounters are usually bloodthirsty battles, however this time Bareev was in a quite peaceful mood.

Epishin’s disadvantage is his lack of stability and limited experience in supertournaments.

And upon saying that, Evgeny smiled in his usual ironic way, so it was impossible to guess whether he was being sarcastic or not. Nxg5 Qb8 Black spent no time in reaching this position as he had everything on his computer at home. ,” commented Bareev. And Tseshkovsky admitted that he does not use the computer as an analytical tool, to which Sveshnikov’s loudly replied: “How dare you play such positions without the engine’s help? Rde1? A critical moment; capturing on d5 gave an easy draw. White keeps playing for a win, but the position does not allow for that.

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