12 Week Body Plan by Richard Davis PDF

By Richard Davis

ISBN-10: 1781060576

ISBN-13: 9781781060575

Книга является полным руководством построения тела, о котором вы мечтали! В ней подробно и методично расписано все, что всемирно известный тренер Ник Митчелл сделал с заместителем главного редактора Mens health Джо Варнером за 12 недель. Что именно? Да так, самую малость! Он просто изменил состав его тела - добавил 10 кг мышечной массы, избавив при этом от eight кг жировой прослойки!

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Feeding occurs in self-reflexive cycles: our food fed on food that in turn fed on food, indefinitely. The dangers of man-made toxins such as mercury in fish or pesticides on fruit, are widely recognized. The dangers of manmade toxins in the form of grain-only for chickens, oats for horses, wheat for cattle are not. These may be "natural" foods in that they are products of nature (although probably denatured by artificial selection) but unless they were part of the eater's native alimentary spectrum, they are unnatural for him, and will produce unnatural effects in him, and subsequently, in whatever feeds upon him.

Our bodies do indeed require some variable amounts of the molecules these verbal abstractions refer to. But we do not require them as isolated entities packaged in separate bottles because it is convenient to market them that way. They are never separate in nature. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. A peach is more than "fructose" + "fiber" + "Vitamin C" + "water", and we did not become genetically adapted to its analyzable parts, we evolved in relationship to the unified whole, "fresh factor" included.

And in no case do we find an adult member of a species ingesting milk at all — only the children. So we can infer that even same-species milk is unnatural for adults. Is non-human milk natural for humans? Many human babies have "allergic" reactions to it, sometimes fatal. Most babies cease to have such reactions after a short time, and are said to have accomodated to it. Their reactions are not perceived as an organic protest, which is what they are. On the contrary, mothers and pediatricians are happy when baby has learned to tolerate milk.

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